Central Park: The Green Heart of Manhattan

Covering an area of 850 acres, Central Park is full of large green lawns, shade trees and beautiful lakes. Beside a place for a walk, sport or relax the park is a place where numerous cultural events and concerts are being hosted. From early morning to the late hours of night it is a crowded place where one could easily find something to do regardless of their age. A zoo, tennis courts, skating paths, basketball courts, countless kiosks for hot dogs, pretzels, popcorn and ice cream, cozy little cafes – Central Parks offers everyone his cup of tea.


In the morning you can enjoy the ducks in the lake, swim by boat around the park, cycle or skate on the ice rink. In the afternoon everyone who is sitting on a bench is considered absolutely lucky, considering the fact that half of the city, both tourists and locals, come in Central Park to run away from the buzzing city life of the megapolis for a moment. After sunset Central Park turns into a movie-like romantic place for a long walk or intimate conversations.



The park is indescribably beautiful during all seasons. During spring your senses are allured by the blooming trees, summer offers an endless picturesque view of green magic with watery-blue hues, autumn colors shrubs and trees in a rich palette of warm colors and during winter the snow and ice whisper about long-forgotten tales.





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